Pole Fitness Vs Pole Dancing

Pole Fitness Vs Pole Dancing

Pole fitness is an increasing trend worldwide but there is still a lot of stigma attached to this sport and I believe is a matter of educating people so they understand better this beautiful sport. It is hard to explain what we do but think of pole fitness as a fusion between gymnastics, ballet, contemporary dance and circus skills.

Pole fitness is great for people regardless of their sex, ability and size. Although there is a higher percentage of women, we also have male students. If you are new to the community, I highly recommend you to find on youtube the talented pole athlete Ditrimy Politov who I had the pleasure to meet during a workshop.

A lot of the new people are worried about their weight or not having enough upper body strength or they even think pole is not for them because they think it might be filthy. Well, yes we do get filthy, but in a good way because we sweat a lot! It is true there are different styles sporty/athletic, sexy/exotic and even poetic/lyrical but that is the beauty of it. And don’t worry about your weight or upper body strength because you will lose those extra pounds and you will build the strength but you have to give it a chance and not discard it after only one class.

So what is it that we do? Well..classes start with a warm up, followed by a pole conditioning; each student then has a personalised program according to their level. The program includes spins on a static pole for beginners and then with time, students work their way through to climbing and more complex moves, combinations and transitions on a spinny pole. There is also a lot of moves to help you to improve flexibility and balance. The class comes to an end after a 8-10 min cool down with a combination of static and ballistic stretches – I must confess at this stage I love to throw a few random planks, lol!

So as you can see, we work very hard – if not ask about the bruises that we kindly call pole kisses, we also have a  good laugh, take care of each other, make new friends and of course, take a lot of photos to post on social media.

So is it pole fitness or pole dance? Well…for me it doesn’t matter what you call it. Pole fitness allows people to keep fit but also to express in different ways and that is the beauty of it so let’s embrace it. There is no right or wrong. Pole fitness has something for everyone but don’t take my word for it, just try it out. You will be surprised!


Amelia x