Big or small?

Big or small?

With Pole Fitness’ popularity increasing everyday, it is not hard to find a studio or school near you but as a beginner the experience can be dauting if you don’t know what you are looking for.

Big or small studio?

They have an inside joke within the pole community that the shorts become shorter with time and that is totally true! But I remember when I just started out, I didn’t feel 100 percent comfortable in my own skin and it was hard trying to relax and to do the moves when I was also thinking about my stretch marks and skin bumps because I was wearing shorts and a cropped top. I know a lot of people can relate to this but don’t worry! believe me when I tell you that soon we will welcome you to the dark side – to the shorter shorts side, lol!-  So, in my opinion though, although I might be biased, I particularly prefer small studios. There is a feeling of personalisation that you don’t get from attending a bigger studio. I found that some places cram too many students per pole and that can make the experience less enjoyable and also not good value for money. On the positive side, going to a bigger studio will suit you if you are a social butterfly who wants to meet a lot of people and it could help with brainstorming as you get to see what more people are working on so you can also incorporate those things in to your training plan but with Instagram and Facebook, you won’t really be short of inspiration!

Instructor qualifications

Obviously, you have to look for a place with an experienced qualified instructor but I think almost as important as that I would say, that the instructor needs to be approachable. When I started doing Pole Fitness, I was very fortunate with my first instructor. Her name was Elyse. She was very talented, she connected with us and most importantly she cared about our progress so she planned her lessons meticulously. That is something that stayed with me until now when I became an instructor.

Specific group or mixed abilities?

This is a matter of what are you looking for. For beginners specifically, I would say Beginners only because I find that having a specific group helps students to keep focus and also I feel I can pay more attention to each student than I would on a mixed ability class because everyone is working on the same thing. However, mixed ability classes are great for people who want to progress and they want to see what other people are working on, friends that want to train together but they are at different levels and for people who do not require a lot of attention as they are ‘naturals’. I like to offer both alternatives.

Also for some people, private sessions might suit them best, this could be because they are just beginners who are struggling and falling behind in class or simply because they are experienced polers who train independently but just need help with certain aspects.

But no matter what you choose, just make sure that you are happy! At the end that is what matters.


Amelia x